Sustainable travel

Discover the impact of your trip

However you want to look at it, there is no doubt that tourism has an impact on the environment around us. We therefore place great importance on reducing the pressure that tourism exerts on the earth. We strive for the minimum impact on the climate and maximum positive impact on the local environment for every one of our trips.

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You travel CO2 positive. We compensate 125% of the CO2 emissions of your trip.
You get a € 100 discount p.p. if you choose the most sustainable, non-stop flight.
You can choose from our growing travel offer in Europe.
You will receive a free night from us if you travel by train to your European destination.
You travel as much as possible overland during your trip; less polluting flights!
You reduce your plastic consumption on your trip in cooperation with our local partners.
Your trip is organized by qualified local agents.
Your accommodations, transportation & excursions are provided by local entrepreneurs.
You will sleep or eat in local people's homes at least once on many trips.

Sustainability objectives

We realise all too well that it is now time for something to be done to counteract the negative effects of tourism. Although we have been named "most sustainable travel organisation in the Netherlands", we know that there is still a great deal to achieve. We are therefore constantly asking ourselves the question: "Could it be better?" And our answer to that is a resolute: "Always!"

We have listed our objectives for sustainability. What are we doing now and where do we want to go in the future? We are well on our way, together with our travellers and local agencies but because things can always be improved, we have set the bar high. Are you curious about what we are doing now and about our future goals?


Our philosophy

We try to organise our trips as sustainably as possible. However, this is easier said than done. To prevent misunderstandings, we hereby describe the preconditions within which we organise our trips.

We remain a travel organisation that organises trips to destinations within and outside of Europe. That means that we continue to use international flights, now and in the future. We do, however, try to limit the negative effects of this as much as possible by promoting non-stop flights, offering destinations in Europe that are accessible by train and also by reducing flights in the destination itself.

Naturally, we also continue to strive to make a healthy profit. Without profit, we have no basis to exist. This gives us plenty to consider and often trade-offs have to be made when taking both sustainability and commerciality into account. For example, from a sustainability point of view, it may be better to travel by public bus from Cuzco to Lima (Peru) instead of using a domestic flight. However, the 17-hour night bus along deep canyons will, for many travellers, be a step too far. In this scenario, we make a customer-oriented and commercial decision by using the domestic flight. We have to make these kinds of assessments on a daily basis, while striking a good balance between sustainability and commerce. We want to share these considerations with you in a transparent way.

We want to become the most sustainable travel organisation in Europe (or even the world). It goes without saying that we are certainly not there yet and still have a (long) way to go. We can improve greatly on a number of topics. We want to take many drastic measures in the short term to achieve this goal. For some of you, these steps will not go far enough and implementation will be too slow. That is unavoidable. Within the framework in which we work and in comparison with other travel organisations however, these will be major steps. We would also love to hear your comments in order to improve further still.


We feel responsible

S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y… a much-discussed, perhaps somewhat vague and elusive concept but we at Shoestring firmly believe is oh-so IMPORTANT!

The first major travel specialist to do so, we have launched a website displaying all our efforts in the field of sustainability. Interesting articles, the latest developments and tips on things you can do yourself to make your journey greener ... It is all on our site Take a look!