Meet Our Tour Leaders!

In each of our many destinations, Shoestring work with local, English-speaking tour leaders. These tour leaders will look after you during your Shoestring group tour (tailor made holidays do not include tour leaders, as standard). We have excellent feedback from our travellers about our tour leaders and we know that you appreciate the enthusiasm and extraordinary knowledge that they can provide, against that of an outside guide who simply can’t be expected to know as much about the destination.

The performance of our tour leaders is closely monitored and we run regular cultural understanding and training schemes to ensure the high levels are maintained. We run incentivisation schemes and reward our outstanding achievers.

Our local tour leaders also play a significant role in achieving our goals in relation to Sustainability. They are aware of the negative impact that travel can make and will try to do everything possible to minimize that. They bring any wrongdoing to our attention – they are ‘our eyes on the ground’.

Below is a list of tour leaders who are committed to making your journey an unforgettable experience. They introduce themselves briefly and offer their picture so that you can know what to expect when you arrive at your destination! The information shown is subject to change and it may happen that the appointed tour leader ends up leading another trip instead. They look forward to making your acquaintance!!