Prepare well

Visas and vaccinations

Those who are rested and relaxed on a journey to a distant destination will find it easier to enjoy themselves once they have arrived. A good preparation is half the work.
Vaccinations and/ or visas are required for many of our destinations. You can read more about this below.


For a number of our destinations, a visa is required in order to gain entry. Arranging the necessary visa(s) for your trip is your own responsibility.
Visa requirements can vary depending upon your own nationality. We recommend checking the visa requirements for your trip well in advance of your intended travel.

To organise your visa, you should either consult your nearest embassy for the relevant country or you could use a travel visa agency such as .

Sometimes it is also possible to obtain a visa upon arrival, although we would recommend obtaining it in advance of travel to avoid delay. Each tour will have some information about visas under the More information and then Travel documents sections.

Vaccinations and Health care

It is important that you prepare well and take necessary precautions in order to help stay healthy and enjoy your travels. You should consult with your GP (doctor) or visit a specialised health/travel clinic well in advance of your trip.

In general, you should pay close attention to hygiene (for example, most destinations carry a risk when drinking tap water); ensure you are well protected against the sun and mosquitoes (mosquito spray, adequate clothes) and that you have a good first-aid kit. You can find more information about health and what to pack for a particular destination, under the heading More Info and then Country Info and FAQs, for each tour.