Communication Argentina

* Mail: Mail sent from Argentina to Europe is generally no problem, it just takes a long time. The post to Europe takes about two to three weeks, the probability is great that you have already arrived at home when your post arrives.

* E-mail: Sure, you can find many internet cafes in Argentina! In big cities they are everywhere and for fairly cheap rates.

* Phone: You can buy phone cards that you use from offices and telephone booths on the street. It is also possible to make collect calls. The rates can vary. The cost of international calls is relatively high. In hotels it is more expensive than in telephone offices, always ask for the fare before you call from the hotel. The country code for Argentina is 0054. You may be able to use your mobile phone in Argentina too. If you want to make sure that you can call and can be called in Argentina, it is best to contact your provider first!

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