Country info Argentina

  • Background information
  • Religion Argentina
    The official religion of Argentina is Roman Catholicism. In addition, they've 250,000 adherents of the Jewish community - the largest in South America. Roman Catholics (90%), Protestant (2%), Jewish (2%), others (6%).
  • Food and drinks Argentina
    Food: Breakfast (desayuno) is often minimal, although in most hotels and restaurants Americano style breakfast is also served. Breakfast can be taken in a cafe, found on most
  • Tipping Argentina
    Expensive hotels and restaurants often charge 10 per cent for service, middle level restaurants do not. A tip is always welcome; many are dependent on it, because the wages ar
  • Weather and climate Argentina
    Argentina is a vast country with different climates zones. In the northeast is a subtropical climate, while the south polar region in the borders can have very low temperature
  • Population Argentina
    Argentina has almost 37 million inhabitants and is sparsely populated, only twelve people per square kilometer. The Argentine population is a mix of national and ethnic groups
  • Landscape Argentina
    Argentina (República Argentina) is located in South America and covers an area as large as India or western Europe from northern Norway to Morocco. The area of ​​the co
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Argentina
    visa: It depends of course upon which passport you travel but a visa is not required for most tourists visiting Argentina. Please check with your nearest Argentinian embassy for the current information.
  • Time differences Argentina
    The time while in Argentina will be GMT -3 hours with no daylight saving. Check here for current times.
  • Money Argentina
    In Argentina, the "peso" is the form of payment. The rate of exchange is 1 Euro = 7.95 pesos (November 2013) but look for the current price at Nowadays you ca
  • Luggage and clothing Argentina
    By day it is usually sunny therefore thin, cotton clothes and shorts should not be missing from your luggage. Better take too little rather than too much. What you miss, you c
  • Communication Argentina
    * Mail: Mail sent from Argentina to Europe is generally no problem, it just takes a long time. The post to Europe takes about two to three weeks, the probability is great that
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