Luggage and clothing Argentina

By day it is usually sunny therefore thin, cotton clothes and shorts should not be missing from your luggage. Better take too little rather than too much. What you miss, you can often buy for a small sum. A few good pairs of walking shoes with good tread and a pair of slip-on shoes is all your feet needs.

Important: sunglasses, sunscreen with high protection, spare contact lenses and solution (remember that especially hard lenses are sometimes problematic with dust and sand), toiletries, lip balm, toilet paper, plastic bags to separate clean clothes, a travel pharmacy, insect protection with DEET, a hat (for the bright sun), poncho / raincoat, camera or film equipment and plenty of memory cards, spare batteries, flashlight, towel, padlocks for your backpack, alarm clock, stationery, books, passport, copies of passport and travel insurance, your ticket (s), your diary with important addresses, a good travel guide. Binoculars can sometimes be fun.

All this is best taken in a bag or backpack. In addition, a small backpack or shoulder bag is handy for the daily luggage. For storing valuables it's best to buy a thin cotton money belt that you can wear under your clothes. Have a change of clothes in your hand luggage to last you up to 48 hours without your big luggage, in case it arrives later than you. Make sure your luggage is not too heavy. The maximum weight is 15kg, as this is the maximum allowed on domestic flights. You can, of course, take more baggage, but then you pay extra and costs are very high.

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