Food and drinks Armenia

One of the most important things in the Armenian kitchen is the fresh produce. The eating of food is an important social event for Armenians and the meal usually takes some time. In the Armenian kitchen you also find some Lebanese and Turkish influences. They eat a lot of lamb and beef and you can order khorovats (barbecued meat or fish) everywhere. Other Armenian specialties are bastoerma (dried beef) and dolma (rice and meat in vine leaves). Often a meal will be served with lavash, this is a traditional bread. In the villages this bread is still baked in a tonir, an oven in the ground .

The national liquor in Armenia is cognac and the brand ‘Ararat’, named to the biblical mountain. Other popular drinks in Armenia are vodka, locally produced wine or strong Turkish coffee. Well-known beer brands are: Kilikia, Kotayk and Erebuni.

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