Health Armenia

Travellers to Armenia who pay some attention to hygiene and skincare usually don’t run into health problems, apart from some harmless intestinal complaints.

Food and drink: Tap water is unfit for human consumption; you should drink mineral water instead. In small eating-places it is better not to eat fruit or salads that have been skinned beforehand. In the cities, preferably take your meals in busy restaurants.

Medical passport: If you are on prescription medicine, bring an extra supply and keep it separated. This way you’ll always have a spare stock. Ask your pharmacy to draw up a medical passport for you. This includes names of the substances and the exact composition of the medication that you use. Keep this document and your medication in your hand luggage. If you have a chronic illness, ask your GP for a written explanation of your disease and its treatment (in English).

Vaccinations: The information below was given by the healthcare authorities at the time of writing. This information may change. Moreover, your needs depend on whether you have had previous vaccinations, whether you are allergic to certain medicine, if you are pregnant, your age, and so on. ALWAYS contact your GP or some other healthcare authority for advice. The complete vaccination package includes DTP, hepatitis A, and – optionally – abdominal typhoid.

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