Asia tours

If you want to join a tour in Asia, you will find it tough to choose which country to visit. There are so many beautiful destinations! From India to Japan and from Indonesia to China: travelling through Asia offers a lot of diversity. Fortunately, many destinations are easy to combine!

How about the former Indochina, consisting of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos? Thailand is perfect for a combination tour with Laos or Vietnam and Cambodia. The combination of the mysterious Tibet with China or Nepal is also a great idea.

Travelling around Asia in limited time means you have choices to make. If you choose India, the range of different tours within this country is huge! Discover the colonial past of Sri Lanka, visit the golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar or drink a glass of kümüz in Kyrgyzstan.

Malaysia offers you the jungles of Taman Negara, the mountains of the Cameron Highlands and a beautiful paradise at Pulau Besar. In Indonesia you can search for orang utans and cycle among the stunning rice fields. And in Nepal you can sample the culture of the royal cities before heading into the peaks to do some serious hiking.

In short: there is plenty to do during our Asia tours. Which destination do you choose?