Food and drinks Botswana

BOTSWANA & ZAMBIA: Neither Zambia nor Botswana have any famous national dishes. The dishes are a mix of the traditional and the English "kitchen". There is also lots of fruit available. In Botswana however, this is not the case, because the land is too dry and sandy so hardly anything grows and is instead imported from South Africa. In the big cities you find good international food. There are cheap pizzerias and snack bars, but also very expensive gourmet restaurants. There are also Indian restaurants and other small, specialty restaurants where you can enjoy delicacies such as ostrich and crocodile meat.
The tap water in Botswana is safe for drinking. In Botswana, the alcohol production is limited to beer: Castle, Lion and Black Label. All spirits and wines are imported.
The tap water in Zambia is not for drinking, ask the tour leader for advice on this. In general all the known beverages are available, including a wide variety of beer brands.