Weather and climate Botswana

The area this journey goes through is large and there are also considerable regional differences, partly depending on the latitude and partly depending on the height above sea level. In general we can say that throughout the year the daytime has a warm climate, with sometimes really hot days in the desert of thirty degrees + in the months of November-February. Most rain falls during these months but there is rarely any question of long-term continuous rain. In the months of June, July and August the desert is quite chilly at night with temperatures up to 5 degrees and sometimes even frost on the ground.
Botswana is one of the driest countries in Southern Africa. In their summer (November to March) is the most rainfall. The scarce 'pula' (rain) is so important that it has been named as Botswana's currency. Their winter (June to August) has a dry and warm climate, the nights can be bitterly cold. The temperature differences between day and night during the periods April-May and September-October are less extreme than in the summer.
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