Festivals Brazil

Important are festivals such as Twelfth Day, Carnival, Good Friday, Easter, All Souls' Day and Christmas. There are a number of national celebrations such as:
April 21st National holiday, Tiradentes
September 7th Independence Day
October 12th Our Lady of Aparecida
November 15th Day of the Proclamation of the Republic.

Every region has its own festivities as well, for instance the name day of the patron saint of the town. Shops and government buildings close on these days. Throughout the year there is always a celebration somewhere. Sooner or later you are certain to stumble across a wildly dancing and celebrating crowd. For the dates for the Carnival parade in Rio look at http:www.Ipanema.com/carnival/dates.htm. It is not only party time in Rio; the whole country celebrates carnival exuberantly.

Brazil is such a big country that there is no such thing as Brazilian music. There are many influences from different cultures in the country. The Afro-Brazilian culture is the most popular when it comes to music; there is salon music with Iberian influences and more Western types of music. All these styles have influenced each other, but percussion is the most typical. Music plays a large role in the lives of Brazilians. Wherever you go, you will find people singing, making music and dancing. The most popular rhythm is the samba.The most popular artists currently are Zeca Pagodinho, Ana Carolina & Ivete Sangalo.

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