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Brazil tours

Keen on Brazil tours? Go for it! Especially if you love liveliness as much as beautiful scenery. If you visit Brazil, you’ll soon discover that it is a country of extremes. You’ll find amazing beaches, hear the roar of the Iguazu Falls and see the mighty Amazon. The Amazon region could well be the most fascinating nature reserve in the world and is often called ‘the lungs of the world’. In sharp contrast to this peaceful environment stand the dazzling cities of Brazil.

Your Brazil travels can be as varied as you like but it should include Rio de Janeiro, also known as ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’, the marvellous city). It has 37 sandy white beaches with gorgeous bays where you can easily relax. Rio de Janeiro is renowned for being a vibrant city with a lively population which will lift your spirits through music and dance. You can also visit the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer- very impressive. Leave this sparkling city and travel Brazil to discover former colonial villages where you can learn the history of the 19th century gold prospectors who settled there.

If you travel in Brazil, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the gorgeous nature and fascinating fauna. Innumerable waterfalls in Foz do Iguaçu, immense mountains, unique natural stone formations in Bonito and tropical rain forest you’ll encounter all of this during your trip. In the Pantanal you’ll be face-to- face with caimans, anacondas, toucans and numerous other exotic animals. They’ll be at the heart of some breath-taking and lasting memories of your Brazilian holiday!

There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches in Brazil. One of the most famous of which is Copacabana. Brazilians spend a lot of time at the beach, usually playing one sport or another. On Ilha Grande, an island close to the coast, you’ll find another gorgeous beach- Lopez Mendes. This beach is often described as the most beautiful in Brazil. A place to relax during your Brazil travels or if you’re feeling energetic, try crossing the dense rainforest.

So, for exciting cities and incredible nature and scenery, come along on one of Shoestrings Brazil tours!

Country info Brazil

  • Background information
  • Culture Brazil
    Europeans behave differently from Brazilians in many ways. In fact the differences are so big you that could write a book about them. The following hints should help you avoid
  • Religion Brazil
    Brazilians are predominantly Catholics, but there are several Indian animistic and African religions that continue to survive, such as the ritual of Candomblé. Candombl
  • Festivals Brazil
    Important are festivals such as Twelfth Day, Carnival, Good Friday, Easter, All Souls' Day and Christmas. There are a number of national celebrations such as: April 21st Nat
  • Food and drinks Brazil
    Meals: Brazilian cuisine is one of the best in South America. Breakfast is usually quite elaborate, with coffee, rolls, cake and occasionally, pie. This is accompanied with fr
  • Tipping Brazil
    Expensive hotels and restaurants often charge 10 per cent for service, middle level restaurants do not. A tip is always welcome; many are dependent on it, because the wages ar
  • Weather and climate Brazil
    Climate: Brazil has various types of climates because it is such an enormous country. Consequently it is difficult to say which period is best for travelling. In general, the
  • Population Brazil
    Most of the 175 million Brazilians live along the Atlantic coast. The Amazonian Lowlands are sparsely inhabited. Nevertheless Brazil is one of the most urbanized countries in
  • Landscape Brazil
    Brazil is the biggest country of Latin America with a surface area of over 8 1/2 million square kilometres. With the exception of Ecuador and Chile all other South American co
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Brazil
    Take it easy on your first day in Brazil. Recover from the flight and get used to the different climate, culture and country. Let it slowly work its magic on you. The more you
  • Time differences Brazil
    Brazil spreads over four time zones. The eastern segment of the mainland, including Salvador, Rio and Brasilia, follows GMT-3.
  • Money Brazil
    The currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real. In November 2013, 1 Euro = 3.1 BRL. ( There is an extensive network of ATMs in Brazil and most major int
  • Luggage and clothing Brazil
    Brazilians go onto the streets as well dressed as they can afford. They expect the same of foreigners. Take comfortable cotton clothes and some items for more formal occasions
  • Electricity Brazil
    Brazil does not have the same voltage everywhere. In Rio de Janeiro the electric mains supply is 100 or 120 volts almost everywhere. Many other cities also have 220 volts. Alw
  • Safety Brazil
    Brazil has a bad reputation when it comes to robbery. If you are assaulted, try not to resist. Report the crime at a police station to authenticate your insurance claim. Not e
  • Health Brazil
    If you pay sufficient attention to hygiene and skin care during your time in South America, you should not encounter any health problems. Below is some information that we hop
  • Information for people at home Brazil
    Ensure that those at home know in which country you are and how long you are planning to stay away. You may fix a date when you will contact them again. Making telephone calls
  • Photographs Brazil
    Brazil is an exceptionally photogenic country. You can take photographs of almost everything in Brazil, so be sure to take enough films and or memory. Not all Brazilians want
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