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China tours

Always been keen on China tours? That's understandable because travel in China ( also known as the 'Middle Kingdom' ) makes for an unforgettable experience. China is a large area with a rich cultural history and a civilization more than 4,000 years old. Present day China is also a major economy with an immense surface area and an incredible population size - the largest in the world. All this makes any journey through China hugely fascinating.

If you decide to travel to China then you will not be able to escape the remains of the ancient empire. A well-known example is the Great Wall of China, large parts of which have been preserved. Originally this defensive wall was more than 6,000 kilometers long ! However, when your group travels in China you get to see so much more than the Great Wall. Do not miss the old walled city of Pingyao. This well-preserved traditional Han city is recognised by UNESCO for good reason. Walk through the small alleys, past the houses decorated by red lanterns and in the background hear the ringing rickshaws.

While travelling in China you will also want to see the impressive terracotta army of Emperor Qin Shihuang. Thousands of man-sized clay soldiers stand guarding his tomb. Also the district of Wuyuan will no doubt impress you. In this area there are many small villages where life still continues as it did centuries ago. In Wuzhen and Hangzhou you will also experience ancient China, a network of waterways, narrow streets and houses full of beautiful carvings .

Our group tours to China also provide the chance to visit the Forbidden City, part of Beijing, where once the emperors lived and ruled the country. You feel a real emperor amid the magnificent palaces and gardens! The Forbidden City alone is reason enough to make the trip to Beijing but there are many more impressive historic sites to be found in this city. And what about all the local restaurants where you can of course eat Peking Duck? Beijing has, in recent decades developed into a modern metropolis with gigantic skyscrapers and huge shopping malls .

China is a country of contrasts. Take up a trip to China so as not to miss out!
You enter Beijing with all the hustle and bustle of a metropolis and in the country you find yourself in the other extreme. Here you can enjoy beautiful, rustic views during a bike ride or walk where you can see how traditional farmers cultivate their rice fields .
Travel through China is really very rewarding. Do you want to know the country of contrasts? Be welcomed by the friendly people of the Middle Kingdom on one of our China tours.

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All tailor made holidays in China

China Express

11 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Xi'an - Suzhou – Shanghai

This tour is perfect for those who want to experience China with a limited length of time available. An old saying in China includes the 3 important cities in this trip: "If you want to see China of 100 years ago, visit Shanghai; China of 500 years ago, Beijing; China of 2000 years ago, Xi'an."  Besides the history legacies indicated by the saying, all 3 cities offer you the modern sides: high buildings, fashionable people, huge department stores etc. And there is the city of Gardens, Suzhou for you to be enlightened by Chinese wisdom in garden designing.
From € 463,-

China's Heaven on Earth

12 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Xi'an - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Shanghai

Be shocked by what the ancient Chinese people did thousands of years go - the grand Great Wall and the solemn army of Terracotta Warriors. Then visit the 2 cities praised as heaven on earth in China, Hangzhou and Suzhou, the rich modern cities along China East Coast with classical beautiful canals and gardens. Finally take an overview of Shanghai from its incredible high-rise towers. This tour is made for those who want to get a taste of China in a short amount of time.
From € 616,-
Highlights of China

Highlights of China

15 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing – Pingyao - Xi'an – Yangshuo – Ping’an – Shanghai

From the old and current capital - Beijing, one of the best preserved ancient cities in the known world – Pingyao, one of the most important ancient capitals of China - Xi’an, the surreal rural scenery of Yangshuo and Ping’an, to the cosmopolitan Shanghai, China’s stunning diversity offers adventurous visitors to the rapidly changing ancient country a chance to explore both its modern allure and ancient past. You will be amazed how big China is and how different each place and its people and culture can be.
From € 970,-

China Culture and Nature

15 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Datong - Xi'an - Yangshuo - Ping'an - Shanghai

This tour enables you to see both culture and nature in China. Visit Forbidden City where Chinese emperors used to work and live, trek on the Great Wall which dates back thousands of years ago. Then go to Datong to see the magnificent grottoes and Hanging monetary which was built on the cliff. After the well preserved ancient town Pingyao and historical city Xi’an with famous Terra Cotta Army, go to the south to enjoy the spectacular karst scenery of Yangshuo and the terraced fields in the mountains of Ping’an, just relax with these charming views. Finally take an overview of Shanghai from its incredible high-rise towers. gh-rise towers.

From € 989,-

China North to South Express

13 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Xi'an – Yangshuo – Ping’an – Hongkong

Trek along the Great Wall on the mountain top, visit Forbidden City, where Chinese emperors used to work and live, be impressed by the holy Temple of Heaven, marvel at the Thousands of Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, head south through spectacular karst scenery of Yangshuo and the terraced fields in the mountains of Ping’an, to the bright lights and skyscrapers of Hong Kong, this tour is a great of combination of China's natural and cultural highlights, ending in a shopping paradise.
From € 1,097,-
Ancient and Modern

Ancient and Modern

19 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Pingyao - Xi'an - Chengdu - Yangshuo - Ping’an – Hangzhou - Shanghai

Trek on the Great Wall which dates back thousands of years ago. It is not only the grand view that impresses you, but also the human efforts and power behind it. The high speed train connects the 3 ancient cities, Beijing, Pingyao and Xi’an so well thanks to China’s efforts on train development. After the great mixture of modern and old of Chengdu, relax in the beautiful countryside of Yangshuo, breathe the fresh mountain air of Ping’an, then go to the more modern parts of Hangzhou and Shanghai.
From € 1,136,-

Classic China

15 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing – Pingyao - Xi'an – Chengdu - Yangshuo – Hongkong

Take a stunning bird view of the Forbidden City and the Beijing city proper from the top of Jingshan hill, in the right center of Beijing. Take the advanced high speed train from Beijing to Pingyao for its best preserved city wall, and then go on by high speed train to Xi’an to be shocked by the thousands of Terracotta Warriors. After watching the Giant Pandas play in Chengdu, enjoy three days in the beauty of rural Yangshuo and do a big shopping in bustling Hong Kong.
From € 1,157,-

Classic China with Ping'an

17 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Pingyao - Xi'an - Chengdu - Yangshuo – Ping’an - Hongkong

Besides the Classic China tour visits to Beijing, Pingyao, Xi’an, Chengdu, Yangshuo, Hongkong, if you’d like to have some place more exotic and more of nature, include Ping’an village in your tour. Breathe the fresh air, trek among the mountains and marvel at the grand terraced fields, have a small communication or a drink of homemade rice wine with the local minority people (Zhuang, Yao) who still wear traditional clothes. 
From € 1,264,-
Essence of China

Essence of China

17 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Lijiang - Dali - Yangshuo - Shanghai

This trip include almost all the representative places for travelling in China. you will see ancient China by seeing grand Greatwall in Beijing and Terra Cotta Army in Xi'an, then experience the slow life in modern Chengdu and see our national treasure: panda. Go to province of "the south of the coulourful cloud" to see the nice view in minority areas and then relax in Yangshuo, enjoy the rural views, elegant mountain and unforgetable water. In the end, see development of China in modern city Shanghai.
From € 1,271,-

China Express with Yangshuo and Hongkong

15 days Tailor made holiday

Beijing - Xi'an -Suzhou – Shanghai – Yangshuo - Hongkong

After the China express trip to Beijing, Xi’an, Suzhou and Shanghai, continue to Yangshuo and Hongkong. You will feel very relaxed in Yangshuo and be impressed by its spectacular beauty of the river views and countryside life. Then continue to Hongkong for its Disneyland Park and the many shopping malls.
From € 1,292,-
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