Arrival information China

Most journeys to China begin in the Chinese capital Beijing where you will be immersed immediately in a totally different culture: The classical architecture of the Imperial Forbidden City, a Peking opera performance, the commotion and swarming in the streets, eating with chopsticks. Take it easy for the first couple of days, recover from the flight and let your system slowly get used to this overwhelming country.

If you have not reserved the arrival transfer with us, please take a moment to read the following information regarding taxis at Beijing airport. Once you have arrived at the airport, go to the official taxi point. The queue may be long, but this is a safer way to travel to your hotel. Please don't follow anyone who offers to take you somewhere else to get a taxi. These cars are usually operating illegally.

The taxi from the airport to your hotel in Beijing normally costs around 150 to 200 CNY depending on traffic and the type of vehicle. Please ask the driver for a receipt (which must be printed out from the meter on the spot) so that you can find him/her later if you have left any belongings in the car or have any complaints about him/her. If the driver refuses to give you a printed receipt, please make a note of the number plate for future reference.

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