Luggage and clothing Costa Rica

This tour leads us through tropical lowland as well as high mountainous areas, the latter enjoying a moderate climate, which may include cold nights. Therefore, bring along thin, cotton clothes. For the evening, a closed neck long-sleeved T-shirt or a thin cotton roll neck sweater is recommended to protect against mosquitoes. Also, bring along a jersey or sweater and a rain jacket. Nights in Costa Rica can be quite cold! Do not forget an umbrella as protection against rain and too much sun. Bring along a pair of good-quality, worn-in walking shoes and flip-flops or sandals. You should consider bringing along the following: sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries, a traveller’s health kit, a hat/scarf, a photo/film camera, spare batteries, a pocket knife, a lighter, a small stock of non-perishable snacks and sweets, an alarm clock, writing materials, books, passport, sufficient money, photocopies of your passport and travel insurance, your flight ticket(s), travel insurance-pass including alarm number, important addresses and a good travel guide, toilet paper, towel and a reading lamp. If you bring along electrical equipment, you will need an adaptor. During this trip, you won’t need a mosquito net or sleeping bag. We prefer that you pack everything into a weekend bag or backpack, rather than a solid suitcase, which would take up too much space and can be hard to carry in some circumstances. A small backpack or shoulder bag comes in handy for hand luggage. Valuable papers are best kept in a thin cotton money belt, to be carried underneath your clothes. Take care to have an extra, clean set of clothes in your hand luggage, so that you can do without the other luggage for 48 hours, just in case it arrives later than you do. For example, make sure to put any important medication and a toothbrush etc in your hand luggage and that your luggage is not too heavy.

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