Country info Cuba

  • Background information
  • Festivals Cuba
    Every year in July, the Carnival of Santiago de Cuba is taking place. The carnival commemorates the '26th of July Movement' but parades and festivities with a reli
  • Food and drinks Cuba
    Cuba does not have much of a culinary tradition, and considering the present economic situation, things probably won’t change much in the near future. Breakfast (Spanis
  • Tipping Cuba
    Restaurant and hotel employees are not well paid. You may not have a ready solution for the country’s poverty, but the least you can do is tip those who have helped you.
  • Weather and climate Cuba
    Climate: The location of Cuba, just south of the tropic of Cancer, guarantees a warm tropical climate. In the low coastal regions, the average year round temperature is 25 deg
  • Population Cuba
    Cuba counts some 12 million inhabitants, of which 2 million live in Havana. Cuba’s original inhabitants are descendants of the Arawak Indians. At the time of Columbus' a
  • Landscape Cuba
    The island of Cuba is located in the Caribbean, with Jamaica to the south, Mexico to the west and Florida some 180 kilometres to the north across the Straits of Florida. Coral
  • Background Info Cuba
    According to archeologists, Cuba's first inhabitants canoed their way to the island across the ocean. When Columbus stepped ashore in 1492, he was convinced he had discovered
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Cuba
    On your first day in Cuba, take it easy. Take time to acclimatise. Adapting to the climate and culture can be quite difficult. Get used to the country at your leisure. Just re
  • Time differences Cuba
    The time difference between western Europe and Cuba, depending the time of the year is -6 or -7 hours (-7 hours during summer time). The time difference between the UK and Cub
  • Money Cuba
    The amount of pocket money we advise is the minimum you will need to spend on meals, drinks, optional excursions, entrance fees, local airport tax and tips. The final amount o
  • Luggage and clothing Cuba
    This tour leads us through tropical lowlands as well as through mountainous areas with a moderate climate which may include cold nights. We therefore recommend that you bring
  • Electricity Cuba
    Electricity is available all over the island but power cuts do occur, although infrequently. Hotels have plug sockets of both 110 and 220 volts.
  • Safety Cuba
    Cuba is a safe country, where relatively few crimes occur. It is not wise to walk on your own in the alleys of old-town Havana in the middle of the night. Pickpockets do opera
  • Health Cuba
    Travellers to Cuba who take the usual level of care of their hygiene and skin care are unlikely to encounter any health problems. However, below are a couple of issues that sh
  • Other info Cuba
    European passport holders require a tourist visa for Cuba which Shoestring do not arrange, but you will find all the details you need on this website. Visa information ca
  • Information for people at home Cuba
    Make sure that those at home know which country you are going to and how long you are planning to stay away. Fix a date when you will contact them again. Provide those picking
  • Photographs Cuba
    Not all types of camera batteries are on sale. Make sure, therefore, that you have sufficient battery power to last the entire holiday. People do not always like being photographed. When in doubt you should ask first.
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