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Food and drinks Cuba

Cuba does not have much of a culinary tradition, and considering the present economic situation, things probably won’t change much in the near future.

Breakfast (Spanish = desayuno): You are likely be served a solid breakfast including bread with eggs (huevos) prepared to your taste, possibly accompanied by bacon and sausages. If this is too much for you, opt for toast and jam. Coffee is usually included, as well as fruit juices, although most of the time they are not freshly squeezed.

Lunch (comida), dinner (cena) and snacks: The main menu item in the relatively few restaurants is black beans, rice and chicken. In the right season, however, many different exotic fruits are available. If you are don’t want to eat at your hotel, look for a paladar, a private restaurant with a maximum of 12 seats and rates between 7-12CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos). There is not a great number of places to sit down and eat, especially outside Havana and Varadero. A cheaper option is food from street stalls.

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