Landscape Cuba

The island of Cuba is located in the Caribbean, with Jamaica to the south, Mexico to the west and Florida some 180 kilometres to the north across the Straits of Florida. Coral reefs rise close to the surface all around the entire island, making it a paradise for divers and snorkellers. The island itself consists of an elongated mountain chain with its base in the depths of the Caribbean. One of the world’s deepest sea troughs, with a depth of 7243 meters, is located 60 km off the coast of Santiago de Cuba. The coastline is almost 5800 km consisting mainly of cliffs. The most stunning and longest beaches are situated in the north, with Varadero beach being the best of them all. Inland, Cuba consists mainly of savannahs, extended tropical plains, scattered citrus tree plantations and a great deal of sugarcane. In the Sierra de los Organos, the mountainous area in the western part of the island, you will find the magnificent green valley of Viñales with its mogotes: funny shaped hills against a background of higher summits. The porous sandy soil between these hills forms the perfect breeding ground for the fine tobacco that has made Cuba famous - the Havanas and other cigars.