Money Cuba

The amount of pocket money we advise is the minimum you will need to spend on meals, drinks, optional excursions, entrance fees, local airport tax and tips. The final amount of money you will spend, however, will obviously depend on your personal spending patterns. Souvenirs are therefore not included. For this tour we recommend € 400-450 per week. Please note that the prices in Havana and Varadero are generally higher than elsewhere.

Important: Contrary to other Central American countries, at the time of writing it is not yet possible to cash money from ATMs. Pricier shops and restaurants sometimes accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). You may use your credit card to obtain cash in banks or exchange offices (cadecas).Travellers are advised to bring GBP or Euros and exchange it locally at the airport in Havana or at one of the banks or exchanges offices. To avoid being ripped off, we strongly advise that you do not change money on the street. Travellers cheques issued by Thomas Cook, Barclays,Visa or other credit institutions in GBP or Euros can be changed at any bank for a small fee.Travellers cheques or credit cards issued by US banks or their sub-companies like American Express, Diners or Citibank are not accepted in Cuba.