Tipping Cuba

Restaurant and hotel employees are not well paid. You may not have a ready solution for the country’s poverty, but the least you can do is tip those who have helped you. The guideline is (provided you are satisfied with the service) about 0.50CUC per traveller per day for the chambermaids. The same amount goes for the bus drivers hired by Shoestring. A tip box is useful in this case, which can be passed around between the passengers after consulting the local guide. Also, while the group is on the road, this money can be used to purchase snacks. In small restaurants, a tip of 5 % of the total bill is customary. You do not need to tip taxi drivers. Tourists are generally charged more than locals. The guide will also expect a tip by the end of the tour, provided he/she has done a good job. Our guideline is at least 10CUC (7/8 euros) per traveller for the entire 2-weeks tour.

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