Weather and climate Cuba

Climate: The location of Cuba, just south of the tropic of Cancer, guarantees a warm tropical climate. In the low coastal regions, the average year round temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, without much fluctuation. Seawater temperature is almost the same. In the winter, cold days may occur every now and then due to a northeastern wind bringing cold air from the US towards the Carribean. The temperature can then temporarily drop to below 10 degrees Celsius, but it never lasts long. In the Sierra Maestra, temperatures are generally lower than elsewhere by several degrees.

Best time to travel: You can travel to Cuba throughout the year. However, Autumn is the wet period when there is a small chance of hurricanes. Inevitably, on every trip both sun and tropical showers (which often seem very refreshing) tend to make an appearance. The best time to travel is January to April, when it is dry and not too hot.

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