Luggage and clothing Egypt

Do not bring too much luggage. Clothes, for example, can always be bought locally at little cost. As a rule, we do not think you will need more than 12 kg of luggage. It should preferably be packed in an overnight bag or a frameless backpack. Solid suitcases are hard to stow away on the bus or on board a ferry. Bring a pair of good worn-in walking shoes and a pair of sandals. That is all your feet will need. Summer clothes, plus a sweater on cool nights, is sufficient from April to October. In the winter the evenings, nights and mornings can be cold, especially in Cairo and in the desert. Bring a warm sweater and a raincoat. Good sunglasses are best bought at home; they are expensive in Egypt. For women it is important to wear shirts that cover the shoulders and trousers that reach to the knees. There are tourists who expose more flesh, but out of respect for the local people it is important not to dress too provocatively. Not covering up may also mean that you are refused entry into temples. It is recommended that you wear various layers of clothing. Other useful items to pack include: sunglasses, suntan lotion, toiletries, a basic medical kit, sun hat or headscarf, photo or film equipment and an adequate amount of film, spare batteries, torch, pocket knife (not allowed in your hand luggage during the flight), lighter, a small amount of non-perishable snacks and sweets, alarm clock, stationery, books, passport, copies of passport, visa and travel insurance, your airline ticket, your travel insurance card with the emergency number, a diary with important addresses and phone numbers, a good travel guide. Other important items are: a sleeping mat for the desert trip, with or without sheet or sleeping bag and a towel. You might also want to bring a battery-powered reading lamp. A mosquito net will not be necessary.