Egypt tours

Are you looking for a destination offering a variety of culture and beach? Then choose from our Egypt tours! Egypt is a fascinating country, with impressive sights and a beautiful coastline. The pyramids, mosques, temples and the tomb of Tutankhamun: everything is equally fascinating, including the colourful underwater world of the Red Sea. The deserts and fertile oases will provide unforgettable images. In short: a tour in Egypt is extremely versatile.
Luxor is the mecca of antiquities. Arrive here during your Egypt travels and find the tomb of Ramses II and the Temple of Hatshepsut. Let your mind drift away to ancient times during a light show at the temples of Karnak. The capital Cairo is a bustling metropolis of extremes where ancient buildings stand toe-to-toe with modern skyscrapers. Discover one of the huge mosques or take a look at the medieval citadel. Find great shopping at Khan al- Khalili market in the medieval quarter. The highlight of this city for many will be a visit to the National Museum.

If you are going to travel Egypt, you will also visit one of the many deserts in the country. In the desolate landscape of the White Desert you will find separate sets of white limestone formations of up to ten meters in height. A truly special sight. As you ride a camel through the Sinai desert, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the coloured sands.
Travelling in Egypt, you cannot escape the River Nile. This is one of the longest rivers in the world, where different cities are located on its banks. Enjoy the beautiful scenery during a boat trip on the river. The Gulf of Aqaba is the location for snorkelling and diving. The underwater world is simply stunning, with mesmeric coral reefs and colourful fish, making Egypt tours unforgettable experiences for nature lovers too!

Country info Egypt

  • Background information
  • Culture Egypt
    In many ways Europeans behave differently from Egyptians. We will give you some hints to avoid the biggest misunderstandings. To begin with, travellers are expected to dress m
  • Religion Egypt
    Islam is the dominant religion in Egypt; 90% of the Egyptians are Muslim. Some 7% of the population are members of the (Christian) Coptic Church. Islam “La ilaha illa
  • Festivals Egypt
    Visual art, music, dance, ballet and opera have always been an important part of life in Egypt. Until 1970 cultural life mainly centred around the world-famous opera house, bu
  • Food and drinks Egypt
    Meals during your holiday: Most meals are not included in the travel price. This gives you the opportunity to eat where and with whom you like. Breakfast, however, is always i
  • Tipping Egypt
    In hotels and during the felucca trip, attendants will expect a tip for bringing your luggage or other small services. With the exception of the most expensive hotels, wages i
  • Weather and climate Egypt
    Climate: Egypt has a hot and dry desert climate, with cold nights in the winter and very high temperatures from May to September (often over 40 degrees Celsius). Rainfall is e
  • Population Egypt
    Egypt covers a relatively small area, yet is home to some 78 million people. About half of the population is under 18 years old. Outside the metropolis of Cairo life is lived
  • Landscape Egypt
    Egypt is sometimes described as the gateway to Africa. The surface of the Arab Republic of Egypt is 1 million sq km (about four times the size of the UK). Egypt borders the Me
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Egypt
    On your first day in Egypt, take it easy. Take time to adapt. The change of climate, culture and food can have quite an impact. Traders can be pretty persistent, particularly
  • Time differences Egypt
    The time in Egypt is GMT + 2 hours.
  • Money Egypt
    The amount of spending money suggested (€ 200-300 per person per week- depending on tour) is the minimum required to pay for your meals, drinks, optional excursions, entr
  • Luggage and clothing Egypt
    Do not bring too much luggage. Clothes, for example, can always be bought locally at little cost. As a rule, we do not think you will need more than 12 kg of luggage. It shoul
  • Electricity Egypt
    Egypt has a 220 V, 50 Hz AC power supply; European plugs can be used. There are sometimes power failures, so keep a torch at hand.
  • Safety Egypt
    Parts of Egypt are dominated by Islamic fundamentalists. Over the past decade there have been a number of incidents in which tourists were targeted. Since the army and police
  • Health Egypt
    The following health information is a general text that applies to all our Middle Eastern holidays (Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Jordan). Travellers to the Middle East who p
  • Other info Egypt
    A visa is required for Egypt. Shoestring do not arrange this so please contact the Egyptian embassy.
  • Information for people at home Egypt
    Ensure that those at home know which country you are in and how long you are planning to stay away. You may like to fix a date when you will contact them again. Making telepho
  • Photographs Egypt
    Not all types of camera batteries are on sale. Therefore be sure to have batteries that will last the entire holiday. People do not always like being photographed. When in dou
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