Food and drinks Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, "injera" is the national dish. It is a light sour tasting pancake, eaten with different vegetables and meat. Ethiopians are real meat eaters, but on Wednesdays and Fridays only vegetarian food is permitted. Most dishes are spicy. Almost everywhere is it possible to get spaghetti. In the big cities there are also foreign restaurants such as those Chinese and Italian. Ethiopia produces good wine and beer. There is also a home-brewed mead or "tej". This is made of hops and honey. Lovers of coffee, cappuccino and espresso will like Ethiopia. Almost everywhere one finds machines serving real cups of (Italian) coffee. The food is very cheap, local meals cost around € 2.50 and foreign food around € 5, -. The tap water is not drinkable. However, there is bottled water for sale everywhere.

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