Ethiopia tours

The Ethiopia tours are meant for the genuine adventurer. This country will surprise you with its authenticity and diversity. Spectacular landscapes, primitive tribes, colourful markets and impressive sights, many of which are designated ‘Cultural World Heritage sites’ by UNESCO.

Visiting Lalibela, the 8th Wonder of the World, will be one of the many highlights of your Ethiopia travels. The churches carved out of the rock and the religious underground passage ways are very impressive, especially when combined with the scent of incense and the singing of the churchgoers. Ethiopia has even more to offer: an interesting excursion to the city of Gondar. This city has been home to the Ethiopian kings for centuries. In the fabulous palaces and churches you’ll find colourful wall paintings depicting Ethiopia’s glorious past.

When you reach the south of the country during your tour of Ethiopia, you’ll get to know different primitive tribes which all have their own traditional and colourful rituals. You’ll come across wooden totems, typical markets, homemade clothing and strange body decorations! Mursi women, for example, wear plates in their lower lips and men don’t wear anything or maybe just a cloth around their shoulders.

The Mago National Park is a genuine recommendation for nature lovers travelling in Ethiopia. This national park consists of a desert, savannahs, hills and rivers. The diversity of the scenery makes this park very special and interesting. It is also home to a lot of wild animals among which you’ll find birds, crocodiles, hippos, apes and gazelles.

An Ethiopia tour is unbelievably beautiful and unforgettable and the hospitable and wonderful inhabitants of this country will make a lasting impression on you.

Country info Ethiopia

  • Background information
  • Food and drinks Ethiopia
    In Ethiopia, "injera" is the national dish. It is a light sour tasting pancake, eaten with different vegetables and meat. Ethiopians are real meat eaters, but on Wed
  • Weather and climate Ethiopia
    Although Ethiopia is near the equator, only some parts of the country have a true tropical climate. * In the region north of Addis Ababa (= the plateau) the dry season lasts
  • Population Ethiopia
    In Ethiopia, live close to 80 million people. They belong to many ethnic groups, who often speak their own language. In the central highlands, in terms of surface area, it's a
  • Landscape Ethiopia
    Land and landscape The Ethiopian landscape is largely formed from a high volcanic plateau. It is surrounded on three sides by low-lying desert. The average height of the plat
  • Practical information
  • Money Ethiopia
    The local currency is the Ethiopian Birr. At 6/7/12, €1 = 22 Birr and £1 = 27 Birr. The price of these currencies is updated weekly. The most recent price can be fo
  • Luggage and clothing Ethiopia
    This journey around the equator is for the most part near mountains and highlands where a temperate climate with some cold nights is likely. We recommend you to take: thin c
  • Opening hoursEthiopia
    In Ethiopia, the opening hours are not very strictly applied and the situation can change from place to place. Most government offices are open on weekdays from 8.30 to 12.30.
  • Communication Ethiopia
    The outward post is quite poor. The cards and letters are generally receiving a good service only if they are sent from a post office in the larger cities. It is possible to g
  • Electricity Ethiopia
    The power in Ethiopia is 220 volts. Sometimes the power is unexpectedly interrupted resulting in a great  variation in voltage. In the Omo Valley there is of course no el
  • Safety Ethiopia
    Compared to many other African countries, Ethiopia is generally quite safe. Crime and robberies are relatively rare, but just as in other countries and cities, it is safer not
  • Photographs Ethiopia
    Ethiopia is colourful and photogenic; film rolls are available in Addis Ababa and some other cities, but are often expensive and of dubious quality. So it's best to take enoug
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