Photographs Ethiopia

Ethiopia is colourful and photogenic; film rolls are available in Addis Ababa and some other cities, but are often expensive and of dubious quality. So it's best to take enough rolls of film and batteries, if necessary, a flash, cleaning equipment and a UV filter. Dust in Africa is always an issue and therefore it is advisable to have good protection for your camera and / or video with you.
The use of a (small) video camera is not a problem. In most hotels you can recharge the battery of your camera. It is advisable to take a travel adaptor. Please note that during the several days spent camping you will not be able to charge your batteries.

The people generally find it uncomfortable to be photographed. In any case, always ask permission first and respect it when people refuse. Photogenic people in the south will expect money. Negotiate the price in a friendly manor. They often settle for less than ten times the amount they initially ask for. Do not try to photograph or film in secret. You will not be the first to be rewarded with a hail of stones. Also, be cautious about photographing the national flag, police officers, official buildings, airports and military.

The tribes that are visited in the south can have a very aggressive attitude towards the taking of pictures. It is therefore important that you always listen to the opinion of the guides. They speak the language and make negotiations with the tribes. A price is always negotiated and then paid from the joint kitty.

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