Population Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, live close to 80 million people. They belong to many ethnic groups, who often speak their own language. In the central highlands, in terms of surface area, it's as large as France and almost everyone lives on agriculture. This is the area of the Amharen and Tigreërs. The largest group is the Oromos (over 20 million). This group mainly inhabits the southern half of Ethiopia. Also living there are a nomadic people, the Afars. They travel around in the scorching deserts of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. In the Omo Valley there are various groups such as the Konso, Ari, Bume, Hammer, Karo and Mursi. These peoples live very isolated lives. The old traditions are still honored in all of them. They have remained preserved because they have been undisturbed by western colonialism. The language and culture of the different villages can differ greatly. It can happen that the people of one village cannot undertstand those of another village just 5 km away! The peoples of the Omo Valley have striking body decorations. The Mursi women have terracotta disks in their lower lip. Hamer women wear beautiful egg-shaped plates in their hair. The Dorze are recognizable by their special houses, tall bamboo huts resembling a beehive.