Weather and climate Ethiopia

Although Ethiopia is near the equator, only some parts of the country have a true tropical climate.

* In the region north of Addis Ababa (= the plateau) the dry season lasts from October to May. The average temperature is around 18 ° C with little difference between the highest and lowest temperatures. It generally cools down in the mornings and evenings . The months of December and January have lower temperatures. During April - June it is warmer.
* The plateau has a long and a short rainy season. The rainy season is strongly influenced by the monsoon from the Indian Ocean and runs from late June to late September. The rain can cause flooding. Fields flood and roads are washed away. In the months March, April and May it rains, albeit much less than during the rainy season. The Rift Valley has the same rainy season as the plateau.
* South Ethiopia (Omo Valley) has a short rainy season in November and in late March and early April. The roads in the south may be severely affected and so we may have to adapt the route. In the south the temperatures are significantly higher.

Best time to travel:
The best time to visit is from October - March. Yet July and August are also pretty good times to travel.