Europe tours

Shoestring Europe tours! Do you want to discover Europe but have more than just your typical beach holiday? Our destinations in Europe include Georgia, Armenia and Russia.

Georgia and Armenia have not yet been discovered by many Western tourists, but have plenty to offer. A tour through these countries takes you to pristine mountain landscapes, lakes and wild rivers. You’ll also find many monasteries and churches and you can enjoy cities like Tbilisi and Yerevan.

Our Trans-Siberian Express tour begins in Moscow, Russia. Make sure not to miss the Red Square and the Kremlin. The Basilius cathedral, built by Tsar Ivan the Terrible, is one of the city’s icons. We recommend travelling around Moscow on the metro which is not only cheap and easy but the stations themselves are works of art – an underground museum if you like!

Tours of Europe offer you a bit of everything: scenery, culture and impressive history. Discover this for yourself during a Shoestring Europe tour!