Corona: frequently asked questions

This page aims to inform our travelers about questions that our travelers have about the corona virus. If you have a question that is not answered in one of the FAQs below, please contact one of our travel specialists.

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General questions

In the general FAQs, you will find information about current travel advice, what happens if your trip is cancelled and what to do if you have booked your ticket through another website. 

View the general Corona FAQs here

(Re)booking and cancellation policy

We are currently in a special time, the future of which is difficult to predict. Are you curious whether it is best to postpone your trip in the current situation or do you want to book a new trip?

All FAQs about our flexible policy

Corona proof travel

Part of our Europe trips are being carried out again, but what about the 'game rules' to keep travelling safe and responsible and what steps are taken if you still experience COVID-19 symptoms?

All FAQs about Corona proof travel

Corona voucher

If your trip is cancelled due to the corona virus, you will receive a special Corona voucher. What exactly does this voucher contain, how long is it valid and how do you use this voucher when making a new booking?

All FAQs about the Corona voucher