Frequently asked questions about Namibia

How much money should i bring?

During the tour 'Southern Africa over 3 weeks' you can pay with the South African Rand in all the countries you visit. It is best to withdraw money during the first few days in South Africa where there are many ATMs. After this, it will not always be possible. You should also bring U.S. Dollars in smaller denominations (10, 20 and 50 USD notes and printed after 2004), which you will need for the visa and the excursions you may want to make. To estimate how many dollars you should take, please visit our website at "excursions" to properly assess what is being offered.

What is the best time to see wildlife in Namibia ?

The winter (June / August) - offers the best chance of seeing wildlife as the vegetation in the parks is scarce. Wild animals will also gather around the waterholes during the dry season. In the summer months as well, most wild animals are born.

What is the best time to travel to Namibia?

The best time to travel to Namibia is between May and October. Throughout the year the climate lends itself to a visit. The hottest months are during our winter.

Do I have to take a sleeping mat/sleeping bag/mosquito net with me?

Tents and sleeping mats will be provided for you, on the truck. You should bring your own sleeping bag and/or sleeping bag liner. A mosquito net is not necessary.

How are the facilities in Namibia at the campsites?

The facilities at the campsites in Namibia are generally of a good standard. The campsites are spacious and the toilet facilities are good. Some campsites even have a pool.
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