Frequently asked questions about Panama

What's the best time to visit Panama?

You can visit Panama throughout the year. The Caribbean side is wetter and storms come here all year round. They will in no way affect your holiday enjoyment. The best time to go to Panama is December and January. There is little rain and the temperature is pleasant.

What hapens if i book alone?

Booking alone is no problem, we will just pair you with a fellow traveller of the same sex (when possible). If you add the single supplement then you guarantee your own room.

What is the situation with currency?

The Balboa is the official currency of Panama. There is currently 1.30 Balboa (PAB) to 1 Euro (8/5/12) but please check here for the up to date rate. The balboa is linked to the US Dollar which can be used throughout Panama. There are ATMs available and major credit cards I.e Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted.

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