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Frequently asked questions about The Netherlands

What is the best time to travel?

Even though weather in The Netherlands varies significantly from season to season, any time of the year is suitable for visiting The Netherlands. The warmest weather occurs in the busy summer months, spring is very popular with visitors coming to see the famous tulip, in winter the frozen canals provide the perfect venue for ice-skating and because autumn is generally cool and rainy, it's one of the best times to find low prices. Most hotels, shops, and attractions remain open through the year. The famous Keukenhof flower gardens are only open from late March until the third week of May.


What are the best festivals and when do they take place?

Holland offers many, many events. Events, markets, expositions, parades and festivals are organised throughout the country in every season. Spring offers many flower parades. In summer, many music and theatre events take place. Autumn is the time for art and culture. Sinterklaas and the Christmas bring warmth to cold winter months. The largest national event is celebrated every year on 27 April: King’s Day. This day the whole country turns orange for this event!

For a full list of annual events, click here


Can I pre-book transfers and extra nights?

This is unfortunately not possible for this tour.


Do I need a visa?

You are responsible for having a valid passport and visa when you travel.

Please check the embassy if you need a visa for The Netherlands and click here to check out the current situation. Make sure you enquire at least a month before departure if you need a visa so you do not run into time problems.


Do I need vaccinations?

Please click here for questions regarding vaccinations for this country and/or contact your local GP for any questions.


Which currency is used?

The official currency is the Euro (EUR). Most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.) are accepted in the larger hotels and tourist places. Currency can be changed at banks, currency exchange booths and hotels. ATMs are widely available in the major cities.


What kind of clothing and other stuff is practical to take?

Holland has a typical moderate marine climate. Influenced by the long North Sea coast, the winters are not too cold and the summers are not too hot. That being said, there is always sufficient moisture in the air for a shower. Always keep this in mind when packing for a trip – a waterproof jacket and/or an umbrella can prove essential items!


What is the electricity situation?

The voltage on sockets in Holland is 230V. Some hotels possibly have an 110V or 120V outlet for shavers. Travellers are advised to bring along a power converter/adapter for round two-prong plugs.


What kind of transportation is used?

During this Party Cities trip you will be travelling by train between cities.




How are communications?

Most of the European providers use 900 MHz and/or 1800 MHz bands. Although most modern phones can handle both the European network as the bands used in the Americas (850/1900MHz), we advise you to check your phones’ details prior to your departure.

Internet is available throughout the country. Also most parts of the country have full mobile 3G coverage.

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