Luggage and clothing India

Appropriate clothing is valued very highly in India; long trousers and a shirt for men, covered shoulders and a skirt that at the very least covers the knees for women. Clothes are extremely cheap in India, so bringing too little is preferable to bringing too much. Throughout the months of October, November, March, April and May you will need summer clothing for the day and warm clothes for the evening and night. The winter months in Rajasthan tend to bring cold evenings, nights and mornings, and frost is not uncommon. If it is misty, an incessant cold snap can persist for most of the day. A warm coat and a jumper are invaluable in this situation. Also bring a good pair of shoes and a pair of slippers or sandals. A thin turtle-necked sweater with long sleeves is useful at sunset to provide protection against insect bites. A rough checklist for packing could consist of hat, sunglasses, sun cream, a sleeping bag, toiletries, a first-aid kit, any prescription medicine, a (video) camera with enough film, spare batteries, a torch, a pen-knife (make sure it is not in your hand luggage during the flight), a lighter, an alarm clock, writing equipment, books, your passport and visa, copies of your passport and visa, sufficient money and/or travellers’ cheques, all necessary travel insurance documents and details, a diary with important contact numbers/addresses and the booking papers for this trip. You may also wish to bring binoculars, an umbrella (useful as protection from both rainy and sunny weather), maps, travel games and snacks. A mosquito net is not absolutely necessary as these can be bought all over India. It is best that you carry your luggage in a smallish bag or backpack as opposed to a hard suitcase, as these are difficult to transport. In addition to this, a shoulder bag or another small backpack is useful for daily hand luggage. A thin money belt worn under your clothing is recommended for storage of valuables and important documents. Don’t bring too much luggage. In our experience, more than 12 kilos is unnecessary and hindersome.

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