Tipping India

Staffs in hotels expect a tip for bringing the luggage in and for rendering small services. The wages in Indian hotels and restaurants are extremely low, with the exception of expensive hotels, and tips are a necessary addition to the wage. If you stay a few days in one place, it can be a good idea to start to give a tip at the first service rendered. It can make the level of service provision much higher. A tip of between 5 and 10 rupees is sufficient. In the more expensive restaurants, a service charge applies. In cheap establishments tips are an unknown phenomenon. Taxi and motorised rickshaws drivers do not expect to get a tip. Neither do bicycle rickshaws, but the poor drivers can be made very happy with a few rupees extra. The Shoestring bus driver and his assistant also expect a tip for the time they work for our group. A measure for the amount to give to the bus driver and the assistant together is 50 cents per day per participant. If you are happy with their job, that is. For the local travel guide, € 1 per day per participant is a fair sum. Naturally they would appreciate the tip to be paid in local currency.

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