Luggage and clothing Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country, so bring thin, cotton clothes with you. For the evenings, a high-collared T-shirt with long sleeves or a thin roll-necked sweated will help reduce insect bites. It is better to bring too little than too much clothing, as anything you feel you are lacking can be bought very cheaply in Indonesia. An umbrella and a raincoat can come in handy, and the umbrella can provide protection against the bright sun as well as the rain. For the visit to Mount Bromo, a thick sweater is necessary. A good, worn-in pair of walking shoes/hiking boots and a pair of slippers is all that your feet require. Remember that you must remove your shoes when visiting sacred sites, and slippers are useful in these instances. Other important items include sheets, hand towels, sunglasses, sun creams, toiletries, a first-aid kit, a roll of toilet paper, headgear/headscarves, a (video)camera with enough film, a torch, a pen/pocket knife (make sure it is not in your hand luggage during the trip), a lighter, a small supply of snacks, an alarm clock, writing materials, books, your (valid) passport, all relevant travel insurance details/documents, copies of your passport and travel insurance details, sufficient money and/or travellers’ cheques, a list of numbers of your travellers’ cheques and the receipt of purchase (store separately), your flight ticket(s), a diary with important addresses and a good travel guide. You may also wish to bring a mosquito net and string to hang it up, or a reading light. Small tokens from home such as pens or postcards can make nice presents for any locals you may meet. Pack all of these items into a weekend bag or backpack: do not bring a hard suitcase as this will prove difficult to transport. A shoulder bag or small backpack is useful for daily hand luggage. For storage of valuables or important documents, a thin money belt worn under your clothing is very useful. Make sure your hand luggage is sufficient for a possible period of 48 hours in case your main luggage is delayed. Pack a change of clothes, a toothbrush and any medication in your hand luggage. Make sure also that your luggage is not too heavy, as it must be hoisted up and down from the roof of the bus many times.

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