Safety Indonesia

Theft from tourists is rare in Indonesia, although there are exceptions, so take sensible precautions. As long as you keep an eye on your belongings and do not flash money/valuables around, you should have no problems. Wear a money belt under your clothes and carry your daily hand luggage on your back at all times. Don’t keep wallets in your back pocket and carry bags against and in front of you when it is busy (which it almost always is). Do not leave valuables/important documents behind in the hotel; hand in money and passports by the hotel reception and store important equipment/items in a locked cupboard in your room. Fraud is not uncommon. Examples of this are numerous and can be avoided by following one simple rule; never give money or valuables out until the services or goods have been delivered. Westerners are particularly susceptible to overpricing. Always consider and work out the real price of something before purchase, although in our experience the practical difference is often negligible.

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