Weather and climate Indonesia

Climate: Indonesia has a tropical climate with two clear seasons. The dry season runs from April to October, the rainy season from November until March. Most of the rain falls in December and January. The amount of rain varies from island to island and is influenced by geography and altitude. On Java and Bali, the dry season is between May and October, and in the mountainous regions rain falls mainly on the lowland plains. The word ‘rain’ has a different connotation in Indonesia; a downpour in the high temperatures can have a very refreshing effect, clearing away humidity. The roads become less dusty and plants come to life. The average temperature at sea level in Indonesia is around 30 degrees centigrade. In the mountains, the temperature drops at a rate of around one degree per 650 feet climbed. This results in cool, pleasant temperatures in higher- locations.

The Lesser Sunda Islands are known for their fresh breezes and many hours of sunshine. In most of the coastal areas the sun shines for 7-8 hours per day between June and October, and in December and January you are still pretty much guaranteed at least 4-5 hours per day. The inland areas are wetter and cloudier in general. The warmest period is during October and November, with a maximum temperature of 33 degrees centigrade, although the difference is negligible given that the temperature is just three degrees lower on average during the coolest months of June and July. The temperatures drop to between 16 and 21 degrees at night. The regions of higher ground are cooler and more pleasant than the lowland coast, and the nights there could sometimes even be described as cold.

Best Time to Travel:
The best time for this Java/Bali tour is during the dry season, from May until October.
The optimum period for visiting the Lesser Sunda Islands is between May and October.

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