Country info Iran

  • Background information
  • Culture Iran
    During your trip through Iran you are expected to obey the Islamic rules. Act modestly; stick to the clothing regulations, take off your shoes in mosques and at people’s
  • Religion Iran
    98% of the Iranian population is Muslim and Islam is therefore the main religion in Iran. The majority of the Muslims are Shiite (89%) and the rest are Sunni (10%). The Arabic
  • Language Iran
    The official language of Iran is Persian (Farsi), this is an Indo-European language. It is written in Arabic, from right to left. The alphabet has 32 letters. Besides the offi
  • Festivals Iran
    Iran celebrates many religious and national holidays. Important national holidays are: Revolution Day (February 11); Day of the Nationalization of the oil in 1951 (March 20);
  • Food and drinks Iran
    Everywhere in Iran you find restaurants and meals are on average, very cheap. In Teheran, besides Iranian food you can also enjoy Lebanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese and Japanese
  • Tipping Iran
    In Iran it is a matter of course that you give a tip. Especially in restaurants, to porters and guides and in bars it is normal to give a tip of between 5% and 10%. Taxi drive
  • Weather and climate Iran
    Iran is a vast country and therefore Iran knows great climatic differences. In the winter it is very cold in some parts of Iran and in the summer temperatures above 40 °C
  • Population Iran
    Iran has a total land area of 1.648 million square kilometers. Iran has nearly 80 million inhabitants; the population is divided into Persians (61%), Azeri (16%), Kurds (10%)
  • Landscape Iran
    The Iranian landscape consists of a central high plateau with a height between 1000 and 1600 meters with immense desert- and steppe areas and large salt marshes. In the northw
  • Practical information
  • Time differences Iran
    Iran is 1,5 hours ahead of Central Europe during our summertime and during our wintertime it is 2,5 hours later in Iran.
  • Money Iran
    The Iranian currency is the rial. Since recently there are banknotes of 500,000 rial (15 euros) in circulation too. In most cases one calculates in toman. You get the price in
  • Luggage and clothing Iran
    It is highly recommended to pack your luggage in a backpack (with inner frame) or in an overnight bag. A suitcase is discouraged, because some travel distances are traveled by
  • Opening hoursIran
    All official bodies, banks and shops are closed Fridays because this is the weekly day off in Iran. Sometimes the Thursday afternoon is also an afternoon off. Shop opening hou
  • Communication Iran
    If you send mail from Iran to the UK the mail arrives after one to two weeks. The best option is to send the mail from one of the major cities. Mobile calling in Iran Iran h
  • Electricity Iran
    The voltage used in Iran is 230 volts; this makes an adapter or a plug adapter not necessary.
  • Safety Iran
    Iran is a very safe travel destination. Teheran and Isfahan are exceptions however as these big cities are seeing an increasing number of thefts being reported. It is advisabl
  • Health Iran
    Vaccinations against major diseases are necessary for many destinations Shoestring offers. It is an inevitable part of your trip preparation. Vaccinations are not required for
  • Other info Iran
    The Iranian etiquette, Tarof, is a phenomenon of the Iranian culture that is far distant from most western cultures. The western immediacy is the opposite of the Iranian form
  • Information for people at home Iran
    Sorry, this information is not available at this moment. Please check back later.
  • Photographs Iran
    Photography is an important aspect of a trip for many travelers. Contacts with people, bizarre situations, magical moments and beautiful monuments are captured. This ensures l
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