Communication Japan

* Post: The post is in Japan reliable. Post offices are generally open on weekdays from 9 to 17.00 hours. Some large post offices are open daily. On postcards (ehagaki) to Europe a stamp of 70 yen should be pasted (this amount is of course subject to change).

* E-mail: Surfing the internet is not usually a problem. Especially in larger cities, more and more internet cafes are available.

* Phone: Calling to/from Japan can be expensive so buy an international phone card to keep costs down, which you can find almost anywhere. If you wish to call/fax Japan first select the access code for Japan, 0081, then the area code and then the phone number. A few area codes: Tokyo 3, Kyoto 75. If you call from within Japan dial obviously a 0 before the area code, same as us. Useful numbers in Japan are the police emergency number: 110, the emergency fire brigade or ambulance: 119 and the general emergency number: 0120-461997.

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