Country info Kyrgyzstan

  • Background information
  • Culture Kyrgyzstan
    Kyrgyzstan is officially called The Kyrgyz Republic and the culture and customs show similarities with other Central Asian countries. Shaking hands in Kyrgyzstan is a frequent
  • Religion Kyrgyzstan
    More than 75 percent of people in Kyrgyzstan are Muslim and about 20 percent are Russian Orthodox. The Kyrgyz converted to Islam relatively late (sixteenth century). They stil
  • Language Kyrgyzstan
    Kyrgyzstan has two official state languages​​: Kyrgyz and Russian. Kyrgyz is a Turkic language with a Cyrillic alphabet. The country is slowly trying to switch to the Latin script.
  • Festivals Kyrgyzstan
    Kyrgyzstan has many national holidays and commemoration days: New Year's Day (January 1), Russian Orthodox Christmas (7 January), International Women's Day (March 8), Labour D
  • Food and drinks Kyrgyzstan
    The standard meal in Kyrgyzstan is the spicy laghman, a meal of noodles. Jarkop is braised meat with vegetables and noodles. Hoshan are fried or steamed dumplings. Horse-meat
  • Tipping Kyrgyzstan
    Although they often will not ask for it, the guides, drivers and hotel staff in Kyrgyzstan expect a tip.
  • Weather and climate Kyrgyzstan
    Kyrgyzstan has significant differences in low and high altitudes with mountain and continental climates. In the valleys the summers are very hot while in the mountainous areas
  • Practical information
  • Luggage and clothing Kyrgyzstan
    For this group trip through Kyrgyzstan we recommend to carry a backpack or any ‘soft’ type bag.  A case we would strongly recommend against.   As for
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