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Laos tours

This Asian country is absolutely authentic and (thankfully) not yet discovered by mass tourism. If you take one of our Laos tours you will not find modern infrastructure but you will find impressive nature and extremely friendly people. Travel peacefully through Laos and enjoy the unspoiled nature, silence and rich culture.

Culture and religion are the foundation of Laos. This can be seen in the many temples, pagodas, monks and rituals of the locals you meet while travelling through Laos. The Mekong River is of great significance for the Laotians as given the lack of infrastructure, transport mainly operates via the rivers. The Mekong River and surrounding deltas are the lifeblood of Laos. Make a boat trip on the river and see the beautiful scenery slowly pass you by!

In Vientiane, capital of Laos, you will find the national symbol: the Pha That Luang. This temple has a glittering golden stupa and is wonderful to see during your Laos travels. Also in the capital, in addition to many other temples, are relics from the time that the French held power over Indochina. The city of Luang Prabang is the cultural highlight of Laos. This traditional town has long been isolated from the rest of the world and is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is so much to see here. The view from the hill on which the Phu Si Temple sits, is unforgettable.

Once you leave the city and travel Laos further, you become overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery. See rugged mountains, jungle and rural areas where tea and coffee is alternately grown. Hiking tours will take you through magnificent forests and beautiful rice fields. In Vang Vieng, you can go tubing, where you relax in an inflated tire as you float down the river while enjoying the beautiful scenery. You will notice that Laos is a sparsely populated country with little hustle and bustle. Everything is also slower. The group tours to Laos allow you to relax and unwind.

Would you like to travel to Laos and bask in the quiet life of the Laotians? Select from our Laos tours and we assure you a memorable trip!

Country info Laos

  • Background information
  • Festivals Laos
    The number of festivals in Laos is incredible. It seems that somewhere there is always something going on, especially during the cooler season between November and February. M
  • Food and drinks Laos
    Food is important for everyone, but in Southeast Asia it is often elevated to a lifestyle. In social life, food is also important. Many people do not eat at regular times: the
  • Tipping Laos
    Tipping advice in Asia varies. In most countries, including Laos, it is not essential but most appreciated. For waiters, luggage porters, chambermaids, coach drivers, taxi dri
  • Population Laos
    The population of Laos has only 4.5 million people (21 per sq km, not very densely populated). While neighbouring Thailand is a reasonably developed country with good infrastr
  • Landscape Laos
    Laos, with its capital Vientiane, is sandwiched between China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The lack of a coastline is one of the reasons that the isolation of Lao
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Laos
    Visa information: It is your own responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport and visa if need be. At present, a visa is required for most EU citizens to enter into Lao
  • Money Laos
    The Lao currency is the Kip (LAK). There are no coins in circulation. The money starts with notes of 500 Kip, followed by 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 and 20,000. In shops and res
  • Luggage and clothing Laos
    Laos is a tropical country. Therefore, take thin cotton clothes. For the evening, a high-necked T-shirt with long sleeves or a thin cotton sweater is handy as protection again
  • Communication Laos
    * Post: Sending mail from Laos to Europe may take a while. * E-mail: In Laos, this is available in Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Many hotels also have internet facilities. *
  • Other info Laos
    The cultural differences between Europeans and Asians from the Mekong region are so great that an entire book could be devoted to the subject. Below are a few hand-picked poin
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