Latin America tours

Are you thinking of booking a trip to Latin America? GOOD PLAN! Shoestring can make your dream a reality. From swinging Cuba and cycling through Buenos Aires, to spending the night in the Amazon and spotting unusual animal species in Costa Rica. There is plenty to do in both Central and South America!

A tour of Central America takes you to idyllic beaches, deep jungles and particularly impressive ancient cultures. Discover the colourful fauna of Costa Rica, a country where you can also immerse yourself in adventure activities such as canopy tours or rafting. Bocas del Toro (Panama) and Belize offer fantastic snorkelling between the coral reefs. Chichén Itza and the Mayan complex of Palenque (Mexico) should not be missed during your Central America tour. And did you know that the "most beautiful lake in the world", Lake Atitlán, can be found in Guatemala? High volcanoes surround this lake and you will enjoy beautiful views. Cubans are very friendly and are happy to teach you the basics of salsa. If dancing is not for you then you can also enjoy a Cuba Libre.

If you travel a little further south, you will come face to face with all the beauty that the South American continent has to offer. Whether you travel through Peru, Argentina, Chile or Colombia; the vast rugged landscapes impress in a way that only South America can. In Ecuador you can enjoy the Indian market in Otavalo, the numerous volcanoes and the Amazon rainforest. Visit the highlight of Peru: the mysterious Machu Picchu. If you travel to Bolivia for your South America tour, you will also see the spectacular salt flats of Uyuni. In a word: WOW!

Another special nature reserve is the Pantanal in Brazil. Here you will find many exotic animal species. This represents a welcome change after the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro and the roar of the Iguaçu waterfalls. The hospitable and exuberant people of Colombia receive you with open arms and contribute to a fantastic stay in this beautiful country.

What are you waiting for? Grab that backpack and go on a journey with Shoestring.