Luggage and clothing Madagascar

Proper dress is appreciated when you are invited by people into religious buildings. Otherwise shorts and T-shirts/tops can easily be worn. Summer clothing for daytime, plus something warm for the evenings is enough. For the evening, a thin turtleneck with long sleeves is a good weapon against mosquito bites. In the winter months (so our summer months), it is recommended to take a warm fleece, sweater or jacket with you. You definitely need a raincoat for the rainforest. There are other important items too:
Slippers, sunglasses, sleeping bag (not mandatory) or sleeping bag liner, possibly a mosquito net, sunscreen, a hat, toiletries, travel pharmacy, photo or film equipment and enough film / memory, spare batteries, flashlight, pocket knife (not in your hand luggage during flight), alarm clock, stationery, books, passport with valid visa, sufficient cheques and money, copies of your passport and visa, a list with the numbers of your cheques and proof of purchase, a card from your travel insurance that includes the emergency number, diary with important addresses, booking papers for this trip.

Possible, further items to bring: dictionary; Your language - French, binoculars, maps, games. In addition, a small backpack or shoulder bag is handy for daily hand luggage. For storing valuables, it's best to buy a thin money belt that you can wear under your clothes. Do not take too much luggage. More than 12 kg is not usually needed. Ideally, bring a frameless backpack or other soft luggage and not a hard case because it is difficult to transport. Do not take sharp items in your hand luggage like a pocket knife or nail file.
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