Luggage and clothing Malaysia

Do not bring too much luggage with you. Clothes can be bought on this holiday for very cheap prices should you bring too little. Furthermore, almost every hotel has a laundry service. Malaysia has a pleasant climate so light, cotton clothing is advisable. Also bring a sweater or a jacket for the visit to the Cameron Highlands. A raincoat can also prove useful. For your feet, all you need are a pair of good, worn-in walking shoes/hiking boots and a pair of slippers. Items such as a hat, sunglasses and sun cream with a factor of at least 15 will provide much-needed protection from the bright sun. Further necessary items include swimwear, toiletries, a beach towel, a first-aid kit, a headscarf, a (video)camera with sufficient film, spare batteries, a torch, a pen/pocket knife (do not carry in your hand luggage during the flight), an alarm clock, writing material, books, your (valid) passport, sufficient money/travellers’ cheques, a list of numbers of your travellers’ cheques and the receipt of purchase (store separately from your travellers’ cheques), all relevant travel insurance details/documents, copies of your passport and travel insurance details, a diary of important addresses and your travel guide. Further items you may find useful include a roll of toilet paper or a reading light. Pack all of the items in a weekend bag or backpack, not a hard suitcase as these will be problematic to transport. Besides this bag, a shoulder bag or small backpack is useful for everyday hand luggage. For storage of money or important documents, a small money belt worn under your clothing is useful. Make sure that your luggage is not too heavy. More than 26 pounds (12 kilos) is not necessary in our experience and can be difficult to transport. Bring sufficient insect repellent and a high-collared, long sleeved T-shirt to minimise insect bites. In Malaysia, you can buy ‘mosquito coils’. These are incense spirals which burn for the whole night and keep mosquitoes at bay. A mosquito net can come in handy if you do not wish to use these incense coils. A sleeping bag is not required.