Weather and climate Malaysia

Climate: Malaysia and Singapore have a tropical climate, with lots of sun throughout the year. The temperature is consistent, at around 30 degrees during the day and a couple of degrees cooler at night. In the Cameron Highlands it is somewhat cooler. West Malaysia experiences a north-easterly monsoon between October and April and a south-westerly monsoon otherwise. Downpours are brief but heavy and usually occur at the end of the afternoon. Both monsoons cause no major problems in most of the peninsula. Only the east coast experiences extreme rain; between the months of November and January when there is an average of 24 inches of rain fall per month! During November to the middle of February we do not travel to the island of Pulau Perhentian, as most hotels and diving schools are closed for the monsoon and the large waves prevent snorkelling. Instead we travel to the island of Pulau Langkawi on the west coast. Humidity is quite high throughout the year.

Best Time to Travel: This region is suitable for travel the whole year round, and we alter the tour schedule to avoid the worst monsoons (as mentioned above).