Food and drinks Mexico

Mexican food in Europe as we know it, is actually Tex-Mex, from the border of Texas and Mexico, some 1500 km north. The level of hygiene in Mexico is almost equal to that of Europe, the hotels where we sleep often have excellent kitchens and there are many other good restaurants.

Breakfast (Spanish = desayuno):
A hearty breakfast of tortillas or bread, eggs (huevos) of your choice cooked with bacon or sausage, fried banana and delicious black bean sauce (frijoles) is most common. If that is too heavy, you can also get a breakfast with toast, jam and cakes. Coffee is almost always instant coffee and there are always fresh juices (Jugos) available. The American influence has ensured that you can find pancakes with syrup in many places for breakfast.

Lunch (almuerzo) dinner (cena) and snacks:
For the Mexicans, lunch is the main meal of the day. For visitors, who travel frequently, often it's the least important. Meat or poultry is an important component of the meal, and the quantities are often larger than we are used to in Europe, especially in the more expensive tourist restaurants. Furthermore, you can often get delicious salads. Most dishes are not terribly spicy. The bottles with local variations of Tabasco are still placed on the tables, handle with care! Habanero is a very hot chilli, look before you begin. Overall in the more expensive restaurants in the cities, you can eat excellent fish and also pastas and pizzas are readily presented. The availability of fruit depends on the season: oranges, grapes, bananas and apples are the most popular fruits. But highly recommended are sun-ripened juicy pineapples and mangoes!

Tap water is not suitable for consumption. Wine is less common when eating than drinking beer, but it is widely available. Mexico's stronger brews include rum, Tequila and Mescal.

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