Luggage and clothing Mexico

This trip is partly spent in tropical lowland and partly by the mountains where there is a temperate climate with some cold nights. Therefore, take thin cotton clothes. For evening, a high-necked T-shirt with long sleeves or a thin cotton sweater - handy as protection against mosquitoes. Please also take a sweater or sweatshirt and a rain jacket. In San Cristóbal, the nights can be pretty cool! An umbrella is useful both for shielding against rain and bright sunlight. A few good pairs of walking shoes with good tread and slip-on shoes or sandals are all your feet require.

Important items: sunglasses, sunscreen, toiletries, first aid kit, a hat, photographic or cinematographic equipment and enough film, spare batteries, pocket knife, lighter, a small supply of sustainable snacks and candy, clock (wind-up or battery), stationery, books, passports, cheques and enough money, copies of passport, travel insurance, a list with the numbers of your cheques and purchases, your ticket (s), a note of travel insurance details that includes the emergency number, your diary with important addresses, and a good guide.

Further, possible items: toilet paper, towel and a reading lamp. For the use of electrical appliances, you need a plug adapter. You don't need a mosquito net or sleeping bag for this trip. It is preferable to pack everything in a bag or backpack, preferably not in a hard case because it is difficult to transport and sometimes you must walk with your luggage. In addition, a small backpack or shoulder bag is handy for the daily luggage. For storing securities it is best to buy a thin cotton money belt that you can wear under your clothes. Have a change of clothes in your hand luggage to keep you going for 48 hours in case your main luggage arrives later than you do. Make sure your luggage is not too heavy!

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