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Mexico tours

Choose from our Mexico tours and visit the land of the Maya. Join a tour through Mexico and you will soon notice how diverse this country is. From small, traditional Indian villages to tourist resorts, from deserts to tropical rainforests and rustic Mayan temples to bustling Mexico City. A land of many contrasts and highlights. A trip through Mexico provides a variety of activities and attractions.

Those who travel in Mexico can savour one of the best preserved Mayan cities: Chichén Itzá. Here you will find many pyramids and temples that once formed the center of this ancient Mayan city. The main pyramid is "El Castillo" which is a phenomenon for those who are interested in astrology. The buildings at Chichen Itza are decorated with impressive sculptures – a feast for the eyes!

Merida is an old colonial city that you can explore. As the group travels through Mexico you'll find some magnificent monuments, such as a number of palaces. Get a sense of the real Mexican atmosphere at the covered markets in and around the main square of the city. Music fills the streets and parks, there is a great buzz! Souvenirs are very easy to find in this town and after some haggling, you can take the best ones home.

While travelling through Mexico you will also visit the magical Mayan complex at Palenque. It is one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the new world and enjoys a wonderful location in the middle of the jungle. Be sure to visit early in the morning and you will hear the howler monkeys and birds awaken and everything is even more magical!

Are you going to travel to Mexico? Then you know it will be the trip of a lifetime. Rich culture, amazing and mystical history, beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches, Mexico tours have it all!

Country info Mexico

  • Background information
  • Religion Mexico
    Catholicism continues to dominate religion in Mexico at almost 90%. The Spanish brought it over with them and pushed hard to convert as many indigenous people as possible. Som
  • Festivals Mexico
    Mexico has a reputation for colourful celebrations and festivals. Almost every month there is a national holiday or fiesta and each town celebrates the feast day of its' own p
  • Food and drinks Mexico
    Mexican food in Europe as we know it, is actually Tex-Mex, from the border of Texas and Mexico, some 1500 km north. The level of hygiene in Mexico is almost equal to that of E
  • Tipping Mexico
    Employees working in restaurants and hotels earn little. You can ensure that their situation is a fraction eased by leaving a good tip. The directive is (at least if satisfact
  • Weather and climate Mexico
    climate: Mexico has a tropical climate and temperatures are more dependent on the altitude than the time of the year, ranging between twenty to thirty degrees from the highla
  • Population Mexico
    Mexico now has more than 106 million inhabitants with about 25 million in the capital Mexico City alone. It is thus probably the most populous city in the world. The majority
  • Landscape Mexico
    Mexico is one of the most attractive destinations in Latin America. The area has a great diversity of landscapes and has a rich culture. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.
  • Practical information
  • Arrival information Mexico
    visa: You do not currently need a visa to enter Mexico as a tourist. You only need a tourist card which can be completed on board your flight or at border crossings. It is a
  • Time differences Mexico
    Mexico is GMT -6 hours and -5 hours during the summertime. To check current timings please check a website such as .
  • Money Mexico
    The Mexican currency is the peso (MXN). In May 2012 was the value of € 1 equal to 17.2 pesos. For the current exchange rate you should look at The ba
  • Luggage and clothing Mexico
    This trip is partly spent in tropical lowland and partly by the mountains where there is a temperate climate with some cold nights. Therefore, take thin cotton clothes. For ev
  • Communication Mexico
    post: There is a fairly efficient postal system in Mexico. If you want to make sure that your mail arrives, and within a reasonable time, give your own letters and cards to t
  • Health Mexico
    Travellers to Mexico who take the usual level of care of their hygiene and skin care are unlikely to encounter any health problems. However, below are a couple of issues that
  • Information for people at home Mexico
    Sorry, this information is not available at this moment. Please check back later.
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